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Construction of the infrastructure of the water and sewage water systems in the district of Ząbkowice –W5 Contract

Value of
Investment : 80 000 000 PLN

In the years 2012-2015 Centrum Nowoczesnych Technologii S.A. as a leader of the Consortium realised a project called Construction of the Infrastructure of the Water and Sewage Water Systems in the District of Ząbkowice – W5 Contract  in the City of Dąbrowa Górnicza, realised under the project “Regulating water and sewage water management in the Municipality of Dąbrowa Górnicza” – stage 1, with support of the funds from the  Cohesion Fund within the Infrastructure and Environment Operating Programme.

Total value of the project was over PLN 80 M gross.

Building the water and sewage water systems in the district of Ząbkowice included the following:

  • construction of five sanitary sewage lift stations „Szosowa”, „Pogoria”, „Armii Krajowej”, „Mizerkiewicza”, „Relaksowa” along with pressure pipelines,
  • over 30 km sanitary sewage system in gravity and pressure systems,
  • 15 km of rainwater systems,
  • about 20 km of a water supply system,
  • rebuilding of 110,000.00 m2 of the surface of the asphalt roads,
  • reconstruction of 50,000.00 m2 road surface made of concrete blocks,
  • construction and reconstruction of pavements.

Under the Contract a complex rebuilding of 48 streets was carried out, including main streets in the district of Ząbkowice i.e. Aleja Zwycięstwa, ul. Armii Krajowej, ul. Związku Orła Białego, ul. Gospodarczej and ul. Hallerczyków.

Completion of the W5 Contract by the Company brought in both realisation of the superior goal of the project, which was solving the problem of sewage transport and treatment from the area of the city, and resulted in realisation of other targets planned by the Municipality: environmental, social, economic and health ones.

The main targets of the projects that were met include:

  • wastewater reception and treatment in compliance with the treatment standards in Poland and the European Union;
  • protection of the underground water from contamination (removing house underground containers, so called cesspools);
  • meeting the requirements of the National Urban Wastewater Treatment Programme by the Municipality;
  • providing the citizens with an access to the water system;
  • increasing the amount of treated sewage in the city;
  • environment protection;
  • improving the sanitary conditions within the areas near watercourses by stopping discharging untreated sewage;
  • improving living conditions and citizens’ health condition;
  • creating new jobs – economic development of the Municipality and the region, development of the service sector;
  • improving the attractiveness of the area for investors;
  • improving sanitary conditions and reducing risk of different diseases;
  • creating sustainable and effective system of wastewater management.

High quality material, state-of-the-art technology and equipment meeting the most modern requirements were applied in the project. The realisation of the enterprise resulted in creating a coherent system of municipal wastewater management.