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Cookie policy

CNT S.A. with its headquarters in Sosnowiec, phone: +48 /32/ 2644011, e-mail:, registered in the district court Katowice – Wschód in Katowice, 7th Industrial Department of the Registration Record under the number 0000146031, tax identification number: 644-001-18-38, Regon: 271122279 guarantees Users of the Service the right of choice in scope of access to the information connected with them.

Cookie files (so called cookies) are small text files located at the disc of a final device while surfing on Internet websites. Thanks to such files, the Internet website administered by CNT S.A. with its headquarters in Sosnowiec (hereinafter referred to as the Website) identifies your computer and recognizes if you have visited it earlier. This allows to, among others, display the page in accordance with your individual preferences and helps to optimalise it. Cookies usually contain the name of the Internet website they come from as well as time of their maintenance on the final device and the unique number.
Cookie files are used for:

  • Faster and easier access to operation of Internet websites of the Service,
  • Adjusting the pages to User’s preferences – cookie files allow to recognise the device of the Service User and display the Internet website in the manner adjusted to their individual needs,
  • Developing statistics which help to understand how Service Users use Internet websites what enables to improve their structure and content.
  • Types of cookie files with respect to length of data maintenance
  • session cookies – temporary files, stored in the User’s final device till the moment of their logout, leaving the Internet website or software switch-off (of the Internet browser),
  • persistent cookies – files which are maintained in the User’s final device for a time defined in parameters of cookie files or till the moment of their removal by the User.

The User at any time can individually change the settings concerning cookie files as well as define conditions of their maintenance and access to the User’s computer through them. Changes of the settings mentioned above can be done with the use of an Internet browser or service configuration. These settings can be particularly changed so as to block automatic service of cookie files in the settings of the Internet browser or to inform on their every access to the User’s device. Detailed information on possibilities and manners of cookie file management can be found in software settings (of the Internet browser).
The User can delete cookie files any time, using available functions in the used Internet browser.
Reduction of the use of cookie files can affect some functionalities available on the Internet website of the Service.
How to deactivate cookie files in the most popular browsers:
1. Opera
Acivation and deactivation of cookies:
a) On the top of the Opera browser window click Opera and choose Settings and then Preferences. The same effect can be reached by clicking CTRL+F12
b) Choose the bookmark Advanced
c) Choose the position Cookies on the left side
d) Mark the proper option depending on the preferences:

  • accept cookies,
  • accept cookies only for the window I am visiting,
  • never accept cookies

2. Internet Explorer
Blocking or allowing all cookie files:
a) Click Tools and then the command Internet Options,
b) Click Privacy and then in the section Settings move the slider to the most upward position to block all cookie files or to the lowest downward position to allow all cookie files and click OK.
c) Blocking cookie files can disable proper display of some Web pages.
3. Firefox
To check or change settings:
a) On the top of the Firefox window click Firefox (in the Windows XP version click Tools) and choose Options,
b) Choose Privacy
c) From the menu of the scrolled element Program Firefox: choose the option „use settings from User’s history”,
d) Unmark the option Accept cookies in order to deactivate cookies or mark it in order to activate them.
4. Chrome
Adjusting the licenses of cookie files and webpage data:
a) Click menu on the browser toolbar
b) Choose Settings
c) Click Content Settings in the section „Privacy”
d) In the section “Cookie files” you can change the following settings of files:

  • Removal of cookie files,
  • Default blocking of cookie files,

- blocking all cookie files,
- blocking only cookie files of other companies,

  • Default allowance on cookie files,

Information above is the execution of the settlements of the article 173 of the Act from July 16, 2004 – the Telecommuniation Law (Journal of Laws, no 171, position 1800 later amended.).