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Hydro-Technical Works and Constructions

Not only does CNT S.A. have broad experience in carrying out investments connected with hydro technical works and constructions, including construction of water reservoirs, embankment, weirs, locks, dyke culverts, canals and dredging works and river regulation works, but also in co-operation during such projects. 
Water facilities made by the company influenced in a positive way the development of the water management, shaping water resources and water consumption. 
The Company has been developing its competence in the inland hydro-technical construction sector for many years. 
CNT S.A. as a Leader of a Subcontracting Consortium has carried out a wide range of hydro-technical works during the contract entitled “Construction of a barrage in Malczyce on the Odra River”, which will result in:

  • Protection of the Brzeg Dolny barrage against washing away and loss of stability,
  • Restoring the original groundwater levels,
  • Preventing erosive processes on the river bed,
  • Electric energy production,
  • Restoring navigability on the river. 

The most important construction and repair works regarding inland hydro-technical constructions include, among others:

  • fishbelly flaps,
  • canal locks,
  • water power plants,
  • fish ladders,
  • banks,
  • promontories,
  • hydro-technical protection of the river banks and beds,
  • protection of embankments,
  • modernisation works on the anti-flood embankments,
  • river regulation,
  • sprinklers and storage tanks.