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Company history

Company history dates back to the year 1968 when it was created as a national enterprise to support equipment needs for the dynamically developing building sector. Its initial activity was mainly connected with equipment rental and services yet the company profile was changing and improving with time.

As a result of those alternations, it finally became the stock company called PREMB ‘Energopol – Południe S.A.. The scope of its activity and engagement in new spheres of construction industry were also significantly widened.

The following years allowed us to gain priceless experience and stabilise our position on the construction market. Introduction of our shares to the public trading in 1998 was the crucial moment in the company history. The first listing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange took place on 6 November 1998. In 2002 company bylaw was changed and the name ‘Energopol- Poludnie’ S.A. was established.

In March 2013 company was changed the name of the company and was established the name: Centrum Nowoczesnych Technologii S.A. (CNT S.A.).

Many years have passed since the stock debut, the company is still developing and transforming whereas consistent execution of the accepted strategy of development and increase in company value allow us to look in future with peace. The company sets courageous targets, attempting to complete them systematically and its emphasis on self-improvement is fueled by our care about Investors and Customers’ business and satisfaction.
The major objective for the company management is to create modern, reliable and flexible company in which running responsible business is the priority. Our efforts are focused on the creation of the company successful both for Investors and Recipients.