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Company objectives

With the major aim of satisfying our clients, CNT S.A. continuously sets itself new targets. In 2009 actions towards increasing efficiency and cost reduction were undertaken. The management board also changed the organizational structure of the firm and, having received acceptance from the Supervisory Board, it started to implement the new development strategy.

The main objective of the company is to act in accordance to the accepted strategy which assumes increase in corporation value for its shareholders. This is achieved by:

  • organic development – gaining profits from beneficial contracts executed mainly in general construction in the following fields:
  1. sanitary engineering,
  2. road construction,
  3. environmental protection


  • acquisition of the subjects allowing to take advantage of the synergy effects on various grounds of the newly created Capital Group.

With reference to the main groups of stakeholders, the following targets are set:

The company objective is to offer the client the best service within the scope of our activity. This task is accomplished by meeting customers’ needs and expectations. Participation in clients’ success, winning their trust and gaining long-term relations are the company priorities.

Continuous growth of the company value for Investors is the main target of the corporation. This is achieved in respect with their rights and providing accessibility to the most important information concerning the enterprise.

Company staff:
The core of the healthy functioning of the company is the employee satisfaction. Hence, we provide attractive work conditions as well as the possibility of professional and personal development to all our workers. The major issue is to gain new skills and competences by our staff as, in accordance with the personnel policy assumptions, employees are the main tool of the company development. The success of organization is also its employees’ success.