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Construction of the Infrastructure

Capital Group CNT S.A. has a broad experience in carrying out investments in a range of infrastructure construction and environment protection. A range of its activities includes a construction of sewage treatment plant, sanitary systems, a wastewater pumping station, a reprocessing plant and a full-service construction of road and motorways system together with all the infrastructure and engineering facilities. 
The Company is also a contractor in huge projects connected with environmental protection, co- financed from the EU funds.

Major investments in this range include the following:

  • A landfill of solid waste and sewage sludge in the waste water treatment plant in Cieszyn,
  • An extension to the landfill in Sosnowiec Klimontów,
  • Construction of a waste disposal site in Zakopane,
  • Construction of a sections of the A4 Motorway,
  • Construction of a waste water system within the programme of development of water and wastewater management in the municipality of Bytom,
  • Construction of a water and wastewater system in the municipality of Łodygowice,
  • Construction of the sewerage in the catchment of the Barbara water treatment plant in Ruda Śląska,
  • Construction of a bypass road in Ząbkowice Śląskie.