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GET EnTra Sp. z o.o.



GET EnTra Sp. z o.o. joined the Capital Group CNT on November 21, 2014. Currently, CNT S.A. owns 80 % of the shares of the Subsidiary.

GET EnTra Sp. z o.o. has a long-time experience in the field of power trading on the wholesale energy markets at home and abroad. The company is one of the longest operating, independent companies trading in electricity in Poland. The first concession for electricity trading the Company obtained in 1999 and since then it has been active in the wholesale market in all its segments. The company acts as a Commercial Operator within the Balancing Market, offering trade partners and customers a range of products, both standard and custom tailored ones, all meeting their specific needs. GET EnTra Sp. z o.o. also provides consulting services in the field of power trading .

The current trading activity of the Company is run on the Polish Power Exchange S.A. and through bilateral transactions mainly on the basis of framework agreements, preferring international standard contract EFET 2.1a. The Company enters into short-term contracts (for a day ahead, multi-day, weekly, monthly) as well as contracts for longer delivery periods (seasonal, annual or perennial).

On 8th September 2003 GET EnTra Sp. z o.o. was admitted as a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Energy and Environmental Protection. On 12thJanuary 2004, the Company joined as a supporting member of the Association of Energy Trading (TOE).

With years of experience, the Company has collected a large database of trusted domestic and foreign contractors.

The Board of the Company includes:

  • Tomasz Krzyżewski – President of the Board. 

Contact GET EnTra Sp. z o.o.:

  • HQ address: Al. Jerozolimskie 53, 00-697 Warszawa,
  • tel. no. +48 22 526 53 00, fax +48 22 526 53 99,
  • e-mail: ,
  • District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, KRS no.: 0000015677,
  • NIP/tax identification number: 525 20 72 533, REGON/statistical identification number: 013143413,
  • share capital: PLN 10 273 710,00

website address: