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The rules of Centrum Nowoczesnych Technologii S.A. website

The owner and administrator of the website is Centrum Nowoczesnych Technologii S.A. established:11 Partyzantów Street, 41-200 Sonowiec, Poland (the ‘Company’ or 'CNT S.A.'). Using website: (the ‘Website’) you agree to abide by these terms and conditions of use of the Service. The use of the Service by you shall be construed as acceptance of the terms and conditions set out its use as defined in these Rules.

§ 1
Website Contents

1. By the use of the website, the Company provides access to the information required by law, Code of Best Practices for WSE Listed Companies and marketing information. The Company is authorized to remove or change some or all of the information posted on the page at any time.
2. Content Site is not intended to be an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, it is not an invitation to negotiations and it cannot be used as a basis for deal conclusion.

§ 2
Copyright laws

1. The logo Centrum Nowoczesnych Technologii registered trademark.
2. Thelogo Centrum Nowoczesnych TechnologiiS.A. cannot be used in connection with any product or service that are not used with reference to a product or service offered by the Company or are used in the field, which could lead to misleading the Company's customers, or in any other way prone to negative presentation of the company and endangering its good name.
3. The Use of the logoCentrum Nowoczesnych TechnologiiS.A. by third parties without the consent of the BoardCNT S.A. is prohibited.
4. The content of the website located at including texts, graphics, logos, images, are the exclusive property of the Company protected by the copyright law.
5. The information presented on the website is for private purposes. The use of materials included in the service for commercial purposes in prohibited.
6. It is prohibited to copy, reproduce and exploit the service content for the commercial purposes without prior consent ofCNT S.A.

§ 3
Liability Infringement ofCNT S.A.

1. The information contained on the Site is for informational purposes, the Company does not warrant or certify their reliability, accuracy, completeness and timeliness. Information on the Website may be updated irregularly.
2. The Company or persons authorized shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or any other harms being the result of user’s activity on the basis of the information found in the service as well as for the information reliability and accuracy, delays, limitations or errors in transmission or provision of any information.
3. The Company and persons authorized by it neither guarantee nor bear liability for the continuous availability of the service, its errors and their correction as well as that the files accessible to download or delivered by email shall be free from viruses, bugs, Trojan horses or any other codes of infectious or destructive features.
4. The company and persons authorized by it do not give a guarantee or warranty and shall not make any assurances, directly or indirectly, and accept no liability in connection with the switching of the system as well as its impact or damage to software in connection with the use of the Service or the information contained therein.
5. In the event that the Service contains links and pointers to other websites operated by third parties, the Company declares that such target sites are not under its control and it is not responsible for the content of the destination site as well as the links included therein. The Company is not responsible for compliance with the copyright of any target site.
6. User using the Service acknowledges that the Company does not guarantee that it will continue on an ongoing basis to share information, both in current as well as any other manner. The user declares that he is aware that the company and the person authorized by it shall not be liable for any damage suffered in connection with the termination of the presentation of the Service or modification of any information contained on the Site.
7. The user accepts the responisibilty for implementation of sufficient procedures and checkpoints to satisfy its requirements for data input and output, and for maintaining the external to the Service means to reconstruct data in case of its loss.

§ 4
Final Provisions

1. The following rules are regulated by the Polish law.
2. Regulations may lose its effect through modification or exemption from the application.
3. The Company may at any time stop to transfer or modify information or their accessibility to the user.
4. These Regulations shall be the sole binding document defining the terms of use.
5. Terms and Conditions of Service may be changed at any time on-line. The continuation of the website use is equal to the user’s acceptance of changes in the regulations.
6. In matters related to obtaining permission to use the name, logo or materials published and available on the website under the address:, please contact the CNTS.A. by completing the contact form available on the Website.