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Information on the dividend from profits for 2017


On June 7, 2018, the Annual General Meeting of CNT S.A. adopted a resolution regarding the distribution of profit for the financial year 2017 and decided to pay a dividend in the amount of PLN 4,545,000.00, which is PLN 0.05 per share in CNT S.A. The dividend covers all shares of the Company, i.e. 9,090,000 shares.

The Ordinary General Meeting of the Company resolved that the day of establishing the right to dividend will be 13 August 2018 (all persons being the Company's shareholders on that day acquire the right to the dividend).

The dividend payment date has been set for September 6, 2018.

The company reminds natural persons who are shareholders of CNT S.A. and they do not have a securities account that the register of the issue sponsor is maintained by Dom Maklerski BDM S.A. and regarding the receipt of a dividend by the above-mentioned persons, please contact BDM S.A. List of BDM S.A. Customer Service Points is available under the link:

The dividend payment process will be carried out by CNT S.A. (Issuer) through KDPW S.A. and participants of KDPW S.A. (banks and brokerage offices).

In respect of the settlement of the dividend tax, the participants of KDPW S.A. (banks and brokerage houses) perform the function of the taxpayer of personal income tax on dividend income and carry it out to the account of the competent tax office (the amount of the dividend will be paid by banks and brokerage offices to natural persons after deduction of due tax).

In respect of the settlement of the dividend tax KDPW S.A. (banks and brokerage houses) also performs the function of corporate income tax payer on dividend income and in accordance with the applicable law, collect and pay to the accounts of competent tax offices corporate income tax on dividend income.