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Construction of the Power Unit of 833 MW for the Bełchatów Power Plant

Value of
Investment : 100 000 000 PLN

Centrum Nowoczesnych Technologii Spółka Akcyjna carried out construction works including demolition works, earthworks, underground networks, roads and squares, cable ducts, landscape architecture, etc. under the Order Package NO.1 for the Power Unit 833 MW for the Bełchatów Power Plant.

The total value of works realised by the Company under this Contract amounted to approximately PLN 100  M gross.

Among others, the Company carried out the following:

  • a system of central heating,   
  • a drinking water supply system,
  • sanitary and industrial water and wastewater systems,
  • a rainwater system,
  • an external water system for fire protection purposes,
  • dismantling and demolition works,
  • reinforced frameworks of tunnels and cable ducts,
  • streets and squares,
  • earthworks and other additional works.

The earthworks and installation works included  more than 111,000 m3 of excavations, 137,000 mof embankments, tunnels, canals and cable ducts of a total length of 1.7 thousand m, 2.5 thousand. m of the water and wastewater systems and almost 42 thousand m3 of chipping roads.

The main objectives of building a modern highly-efficient power unit in the Bełchatów Power Plant:

  • rebuilding the capacity of the power plant in connection with a need to shut down units that do not meet the emission standards,
  • maintaining at least the same level of brown coal excavation from the Brown Coal Mine KWB Bełchatów, what will let the mine keep a stable productivity and employment,
  • producing power with the least possible impact  on the environment,
  • stabilization of work of the National Power System (KSE).

All the investment process of building the unit was completed in August 2011, and on 1st October  it was put into operation. The optimisation that was carried out  in the main interconnection points in the unit allowed enhancing its  performance and  increasing the electrical power of the unit – thanks to that, the new production unit has a power of 858 MW. 42 thousand tons of steel were used for the construction of the boiler house (139 meters high) and the boiler and its accessories.

It is one of the most modern and the biggest power units in Poland. High capacity of electrical power production  allows minimising fuel consumption, and as a consequence, emission of the pollution into the air.