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Contract signing in Milicz


On 6 July 2010 ‘Energopol – Południe’ SA acting as the leader of the consortium composed of:
‘Energopol - Poludnie’ SA Consortium leader and ‘Hemex - Construction’ Sp. z o.o. located in Plock (occurring before the company: ‘Henczke - Construction’ Sp. z o.o.) Partner of the consortium, the Company has an agreement with Municipal Management Company ‘Dolina Baryczy’ Sp. z.o.o. established in Milicz (‘Employer’) to perform the task under to name ‘Construction of the sewer system in urban Sułów’. The value of the works amounts to 24,000,141.06 PLN 
gross, and the planned date for completion of the works shall expire 21 months from the date of their commencement.