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Successive kilometres covered by CNT in an educational mission.


On 25-26 October 2017, the 6th Congress Centre of the Warszawianka Hotel in Jachranka hosted the 6th  Congress of CFOs of Stock Exchange Companies SEG.

After the substantive part, the participants of the Congress took part in the Charity Run of the Capital Market with the participation of Robert Korzeniowski, a multiple Olympic champion. The minimum distance was 1 km - with a possibility of running it several times.

Each kilometre will enable talented children to receive not only general but also financial education. The funds obtained during the race are intended for practical education of youth at the upper-secondary age in entrepreneurship within the framework of the "Company Management" Program, which is implemented by the Foundation for Youth Entrepreneurship.

We are proud to announce that Joanna Wycisło, Financial Director of CNT S.A., took part in the race and came off third best in both categories:

  • sprint classification in the WOMEN category (the best time for the first lap distance);
  • general classification in the WOMEN category (the longest distance).

During the 6th CFO Congress of SEG Stock Exchange Companies, a total of 144 man-kilometres were covered.